Education in the wake of an earthquake

WRK president, Brian Knight, explains to the DJC Oregon how the Pacific Northwest can learn from the Central Mexico Earthquake. On Sept. 19, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Mexico. With a major seismic event expected to hit the Pacific Northwest in coming decades, engineers visited Mexico City recently to see what they could learn […]

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Mexico City Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 5

Central Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 5     Today was my last day in Mexico City, but Team 2 (Infrastructure focus) from Reid Middleton would be staying for another few days.  There were also several other teams of engineers from the U.S. that were actively doing earthquake reconnaissance as well.  Teams from EERI (Earthquake […]

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Mexico City Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 4

Central Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 4   Today we drove 2.5 hours southeast of Mexico City to the city of Puebla. With a population of 1.5 million, Puebla is located 30 miles closer to the epicenter of the September 19th, M7.1 earthquake than Mexico City. The published USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) shake map showed […]

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Mexico City Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 3

Central Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 3   On day three we turned our attention to the performance of lifelines in Mexico City, specifically water and power. The previous days were mostly spent surveying building damage in the area of La Condesa. During that time we ran into a group from GEER (Geotechnical Extreme Events […]

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Mexico City Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 2

Central Mexico Earthquake Reconnaissance – Day 2 We wrapped up day one at 11:00 PM, but were back at Starbucks by 7:30 AM again to formulate our plan of attack for day two. After a quick coffee and breakfast sandwich, we headed out again toward the La Condesa area to continue our search for damaged […]

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"It is good to have a resource with experience to help establish a proper and accurate analysis of the equipment so as to limit cost by getting the design right the first time… WRK is not simply asking us what we want them to do, but they are trying to understand what we want to do, and then use their experience to determine the best way to get there."

Wesley Wills, Southern States LLC.

"The benefit of working with WRK is that they are creative. I work with many engineers that are very conservative–they prefer to stick to standard details. WRK brings innovative solutions and enjoys the challenge of using new technologies that might be less costly and easier to construct. Brian was trained to be innovative, and his firm operates the same way."

Jeff McGraw, MWA Architects

"What separates WRK from other firms is a working, hands-on, experience based knowledge. They’re not just theory based. Everyone, including construction crews, is impressed with WRK’s response time. When we had a question or minor changes, they responded within hours. My experience with WRK has been nothing but good."

Casey Scoggins, Tennessee Valley Authority

"I trust WRK. It isn’t about being the biggest firm, it is about getting the work done correctly."

Matt Weisensee, PacifiCorp

"WRK consistently provides creative solutions for highly sensitive projects. Approaching each project as if it is unique is highly valuable."

Casey Wyckoff, LSW Architects

"The WRK team is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and they have the credentials. They are approachable, they listen, respond and do what they can to meet our needs without argument. Over many years their work has been consistent, always learning and adapting."

Leon Kempner, Bonneville Power Administration

"I value WRK’s nuts-and-bolts approach with their ability to communicate in the field and provide constructable solutions. Historic projects can be convoluted, which can cause structural engineers to jump through hoops. This can be difficult for many engineers, but not WRK. They are great at considering and explaining all of the options with the understanding that structural isn’t driving the design."

Eric Philps, SERA Architects

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