Community Partners

We are proud to partner with local community organizations that are committed to having a positive influence in our region. Working together, we can improve our community, enrich the lives of those who live here, and promote awareness of the chronic needs around us. We believe it is important to give back to the community that we work and live in and take pride in supporting these organizations. Below are some of the Community Partners that we are excited to support.

Professional Partners

We support and are active members of numerous local and national professional organizations that advance the engineering profession and promote economic development in our community. Our involvement results in our ability to stay up to date on the current ”state of the profession” engineering methodologies and practice. By engaging in these organizations we also keep abreast of the changing economic trends. By keeping up with both professional and economic organizations, we are able to bring fresh and valuable information to the clients we serve. We look to partner with organizations that share our goals, values, and vision for the future in the profession of Structural Engineering that we love so much. Below are some of the Professional Partners we support.

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