WRK brings expert knowledge and experience in Equipment Seismic Qualification and Certification. Our relationship working with both power utilities and equipment manufacturers give us unique perspective on the equipment Qualification and Certification process. Also, WRK staff are active members on seismic standard committees such as IEEE 693 and IEEE 1527. Our Qualification and Certification expertise includes the analysis and testing for a wide variety of equipment to meet the requirements of the IBC, CBC, OSHPD, SEMI S2, and IEEE 693.

WRK is dedicated to providing a positive experience through proactive communication and creative problem solving. Using our unique Seismic Qualification Information Modeling (SQIM) method for equipment qualification, we can provide an efficient, streamlined and cost-effective approach to seismic Qualification and Certification. Rather than building the computer model from 2D drawings and information, the SQIM method involves directly importing 3D models into our seismic analysis software. Working in a 3D environment eliminates possible geometry errors, provides easy coordination of design modifications, and results in less time integrating our design into the final equipment design drawings.

550kV Circuit Switcher Seismic Qualification

Performed analysis and testing support for the Seismic Qualification of a 500kV Circuit Switch to the IEEE 693-2005 High Performance Level. Based on the equipment voltage, IEEE 693-2005 requires the equipment to be qualified using Time History shake table testing. Using Non-Linear Time History Analysis of the equipment, WRK was able to provide valuable recommendations on the selection of the structural components to have the best chance of success and reduce costly time on the shake table.

Embarcadero and Potrero Substation Gas-Insulated Switchgear Seismic Analysis

San Francisco, California

Performed analysis for new 230kV and 115kV Gas-Insulated Switchgear Systems (GIS) at the PG&E Embarcadero and Potrero indoor substations located in San Francisco, California. A dynamic response spectrum analysis was performed in order to demonstrate the GIS bus and associated support structures met the seismic requirements of the specifications.

Chemical Processing Equipment Seismic Analysis

Performed static analysis of several pieces of chemical processing equipment. Our analysis efforts included modeling complex process equipment using ANSYS finite element analysis software to meet the SEMI S2 standard. To efficiently model the equipment, WRK used our Seismic Qualification Information Modeling (SQIM) technique to import the geometry directly into an analytical model.

SMUD 230kV 224MVA Transformer Seismic Qualification

Performed an IEEE 693-2005 Seismic Qualification to the Moderate Qualification Level for a 230kV Power Transformer being manufactured for Sacramento Municipal Utility District in Sacramento, California. In addition, the project specification required the transformer be analyzed for transportation and lifting/jacking loads.

SCL 242kV 250MVA Transformer Seismic Evaluation

Performed an IEEE 693-2005 Seismic Qualification to the High Qualification Level for a 242kV Power Transformer. Our Seismic Qualification Information Modeling (SQIM) method was used to import the 3D model directly from the manufacturer. In order to reduce the costly modifications to the transformer or delays in delivery of the transformer, recommendations were provided to the manufacturer to meet IEEE 693-2005 in early design stages of the transformer.

"It is good to have a resource with experience to help establish a proper and accurate analysis of the equipment so as to limit cost by getting the design right the first time… WRK is not simply asking us what we want them to do, but they are trying to understand what we want to do, and then use their experience to determine the best way to get there."

Wesley Wills, Southern States LLC.

"The benefit of working with WRK is that they are creative. I work with many engineers that are very conservative–they prefer to stick to standard details. WRK brings innovative solutions and enjoys the challenge of using new technologies that might be less costly and easier to construct. Brian was trained to be innovative, and his firm operates the same way."

Jeff McGraw, MWA Architects

"What separates WRK from other firms is a working, hands-on, experience based knowledge. They’re not just theory based. Everyone, including construction crews, is impressed with WRK’s response time. When we had a question or minor changes, they responded within hours. My experience with WRK has been nothing but good."

Casey Scoggins, Tennessee Valley Authority

"I trust WRK. It isn’t about being the biggest firm, it is about getting the work done correctly."

Matt Weisensee, PacifiCorp

"WRK consistently provides creative solutions for highly sensitive projects. Approaching each project as if it is unique is highly valuable."

Casey Wyckoff, LSW Architects

"The WRK team is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and they have the credentials. They are approachable, they listen, respond and do what they can to meet our needs without argument. Over many years their work has been consistent, always learning and adapting."

Leon Kempner, Bonneville Power Administration

"I value WRK’s nuts-and-bolts approach with their ability to communicate in the field and provide constructable solutions. Historic projects can be convoluted, which can cause structural engineers to jump through hoops. This can be difficult for many engineers, but not WRK. They are great at considering and explaining all of the options with the understanding that structural isn’t driving the design."

Eric Philps, SERA Architects

Additional Experience

  • PacifiCorp 345kV Capacitor Bank Seismic Qualification

    170kV Disconnect Switch Seismic Qualification

    123kV Disconnect Switch Seismic Qualification

    Humboldt Bay Substation 115kV GIS Analysis

    PG&E Mustang & Tranquility Substation CCVT Support Seismic Qualification

    Leprino Substation SSVT Support Seismic Qualification

    161kV Air Core Reactor Seismic Qualification

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