WRK provides full-service structural engineering services for multi-family housing projects. Our portfolio includes designs for private owners, architects, contractors and developers. Our experience ranges from simple residential developments to complex high-rise multi-family structures. We have completed designs using a myriad of construction materials including light-framed wood, heavy timber, log, light-gauge steel, poured-in-place concrete, insulated concrete forms, masonry, and post-tensioned concrete. WRK works closely with our clients to develop efficient designs that make best use of the construction materials and integrated with the building program.

Lincoln Place Apartments

Vancouver, Washington

The Lincoln Place Apartments consist of a new three-story 15,200 sq. ft. multi-use apartment building comprised of residential, common, and offices areas. Similar to the Bud Clark Commons project in Portland, Oregon, Lincoln Place will provide transitional housing and homeless services in downtown Vancouver. The project includes 30 furnished studio apartments with kitchenettes and private bathrooms. Meeting, office space and laundry facilities are also part of the program. The building structural system is constructed with conventional wood framed bearing walls and floor joist with pre-manufactured metal plate wood trusses for the roof framing.

Isabella Court Senior Housing

Vancouver, Washington

This new 47,000 sq. ft. senior housing building consisting of residential, common, and offices areas. The building is a four-story structure constructed with conventional wood framed bearing walls and floor joist. The project includes 49 furnished studio apartments with kitchenettes and private bathrooms. Meeting, office space and laundry facilities are also part of the program. The building structural system is constructed with conventional wood framed bearing walls and floor joist with pre-manufactured metal plate wood trusses for the roof framing.

Timbers Luxury Apartments

Vancouver, Washington

This 63,000 sq. ft., five-story multi-family luxury apartment building includes 50 residential one, two & three bedroom units. The project includes four-stories of conventional wood framing over a one-story parking garage podium structure. Pre-cast concrete beams and planks were utilized for the podium structure to maximize speed of construction and save project costs compared to use of post-tension concrete system.

Cornerstone Condominiums*

Portland, Oregon

Cornerstone Condominiums is a mixed-use building in downtown Portland with 46 condominium units and street level retail. This unique development reserved a majority of the residential units for low-income first-time homebuyers. The project provided five-stories of residential units above a single story concrete podium structure. Built with a small footprint of 50 ft. by 100 ft., this 30,000 sq. ft. building required innovative layout and detailing for the narrow five-story plywood shear walls.

Esther Short Commons*

Vancouver, Washington

Esther Short Commons is a 165,000 sq. ft. mixed-use, mixed-income downtown development featuring residential units, commercial space and a permanent year-round home for a new indoor Vancouver Farmer’s Market. Located on the west edge of Esther Short Park, the cornerstone of the downtown redevelopment area, Esther Short Commons features 160 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and 20,000 sq. ft. of street level commercial space. The building structure consists of three- and four-stories of conventional wood frame construction built on a one-story post-tension concrete podium slab.

"It is good to have a resource with experience to help establish a proper and accurate analysis of the equipment so as to limit cost by getting the design right the first time… WRK is not simply asking us what we want them to do, but they are trying to understand what we want to do, and then use their experience to determine the best way to get there."

Wesley Wills, Southern States LLC.

"The benefit of working with WRK is that they are creative. I work with many engineers that are very conservative–they prefer to stick to standard details. WRK brings innovative solutions and enjoys the challenge of using new technologies that might be less costly and easier to construct. Brian was trained to be innovative, and his firm operates the same way."

Jeff McGraw, MWA Architects

"What separates WRK from other firms is a working, hands-on, experience based knowledge. They’re not just theory based. Everyone, including construction crews, is impressed with WRK’s response time. When we had a question or minor changes, they responded within hours. My experience with WRK has been nothing but good."

Casey Scoggins, Tennessee Valley Authority

"I trust WRK. It isn’t about being the biggest firm, it is about getting the work done correctly."

Matt Weisensee, PacifiCorp

"WRK consistently provides creative solutions for highly sensitive projects. Approaching each project as if it is unique is highly valuable."

Casey Wyckoff, LSW Architects

"The WRK team is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and they have the credentials. They are approachable, they listen, respond and do what they can to meet our needs without argument. Over many years their work has been consistent, always learning and adapting."

Leon Kempner, Bonneville Power Administration

"I value WRK’s nuts-and-bolts approach with their ability to communicate in the field and provide constructable solutions. Historic projects can be convoluted, which can cause structural engineers to jump through hoops. This can be difficult for many engineers, but not WRK. They are great at considering and explaining all of the options with the understanding that structural isn’t driving the design."

Eric Philps, SERA Architects

Additional Experience

  • Courtyard Fountains Senior Housing*

    Gresham, Oregon

    Cathedral Park Apartments*

    Portland, Oregon

    Magnolia Village*

    Riverside, California

    Sanders Apartments*

    Corvallis, Oregon

  • *Project performed while with another firm

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